In Vivo Differentiation of hES Cells

1. Sterile cell scraper (Greiner, Bio-One; cat. no. 541070).

2. 50-mL sterile tubes (Greiner, Bio-One; cat. no. 227270).

3. Sterile pipets, individually wrapped (Greiner, Bio-One; cat. no. 606180).

4. Tabletop Multifuge3s centrifuge (Herause).

6. 70% Ethanol (dilute from absolute ethanol; FRUTAROM, Haifa, Israel; cat. no. 5551640). Mix 70 mL absolute ethanol with 30 mL double distilled H2O.

7. 1-mL syringe (B.D. Plastipak, Becton Dickinson, Madrid, Spain; cat. no. 300013).

8. 25-G sterile needle (B.D. Microlance, Becton Dickinson; cat. no. 300600).

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