Case Study Multiparameter Analysis of Screening Results

An important component of a successful HTS strategy in drug discovery is the ability to assess HTS structure-activity data and to distinguish between promising drug leads and the many useless false positives (where inactive compounds score a hit in the assay) that can plague screening efforts [12]. Pursuing false positives is a drain on the time and resources of drug development, requiring secondary assays for their subsequent elimination. EVOTEC's multiparameter analysis of screening results allows for an early and unequivocal identification of false positives: from a single measurement, three different parameters (e.g., % complex, count rate, particle number) can simultaneously be determined and be used for the evaluation of the screening data.

In order to demonstrate the multiparameter FCS+ readouts of the EVO-screen platform, a simple model system based on streptavidin-biotin has been

Figure 11 (a) A scan of more than 12,000 TentaGelâ„¢ beads using EVOTEC's Bead Scanner/Picker module in the presence of 1 ||M fluorescent protein conjugate. (b) A close-up of a region of the scan, showing the bright fluorescent ring on the positive beads.

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