A EVOscreen

The EVOscreen™ is a unique platform integrating highly sensitive detection technology and high-precision liquid handling systems in a modular system capable of 100,000 assays per day. A schematic layout of the EVOscreen™ system is shown in Figure 8a, and a view of the system in operation is shown in Figure 8b. The core elements of the modular system are (1) a high-performance confocal fluorescence detection unit usable in either single-channel or multichannel mode. Proprietary signal processing protocols are based on FCS and FCS+ single-molecule-based confocal fluorescence methodologies. (2) A miniaturized, automated liquid handling system for nano- to low microliter volumes (including pipetting, dispensing, and compound retrieval). Four reagent dispensing modules are shown

Figure 8 (a) Schematic diagram of the modules comprising EVOscreen® Mark 1. (b) Picture of EVOscreen® Mark 1 in operation.

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