Solanaceae Comparative Mapping Future Prospects

Comparative mapping proceeds at a rapid pace within the Solanaceae, because any mapping project that uses markers previously used in other mapping projects can be linked to those previous projects. The ultimate form of comparative mapping, comparative sequencing, is increasingly becoming feasible, with significant sequencing efforts being devoted to many members of the Solanaceae. As this book goes to press, approximately 19% of the tomato nuclear genome has been sequenced by the members of the International Tomato Genome Sequencing Project (see Sect. 1.18). In addition, both the tomato mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes are being sequenced by LAT-SOL and EU-SOL, two consortia of countries from Latin America and Europe. Sequencing efforts are also taking place in pepper (Lee et al. 2004a; Yi et al. 2006), potato ( and other members of the family. These efforts are greatly enhancing the resolution that can be achieved in comparative mapping in Solanaceae.

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