Potato virus Y (PVY) and Tobacco etch virus (TEV) are in the Potyvirus genus and belong to the family Potyviridae. PVY has had strain specific resistance reported making it difficult to widely use resistant germplasm (Nagai et al. 1992; Green and Hanson 1996; Legnani et al. 1997). Resistance has been reported in S. habrochaites and S. pimpinellifolium (Nagai et al. 1992; Stobbs et al. 1994; Green and Hanson 1996; Legnani et al. 1997; Thomas andMcGrath 1988). From these studies only one gene was mapped using molecular markers, pot-1 on chromosome 3 from S. habrochaites (Parrella et al. 2002). AFLPs were used to find markers linked to pot-1. Once identified as linked, fragments were cloned and mapped using the S. habrochaites (Monforte and Tanksley 2000a) ILs. The position of pot-1 was located between TG135 and CT31 on chromosome 3.

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