Potato S tuberosum

The first RFLP map of potato was published by Bonier-bale etal. (1988), which first delineated the five inversions that characterize the differences between lo cus order in the tomato and potato genomes. Other groups subsequently published potato maps and compared them to tomato (e.g., Gebhardt et al. 1991). The high-density linkage map developed by Tanksley et al. (1992) for tomato remains an excellent resource for potato genetics, because a large number of orthol-ogous markers were placed on both maps at the time it was published. Many additional maps in potato have been constructed, including a comparative map between potato and Arabidopsis (Gebhardt et al. 2003) showing 90 putative syntenic blocks. Recently an ultra-dense map of more than 10,000 AFLP markers was published (van Os et al. 2006).

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