Future Approaches for Marker Development

Irrespective of the goal, genetic analyses of tomato continue to require development of markers. Thanks to the efforts of the International Tomato Sequencing Project (see Sect. 1.18) (Mueller et al. 2005b) and the Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium (Table 5), sequence information from these two species will substantially increase in the near future and significantly facilitate marker development. Additional sequence information from other tomato varieties and its wild relatives will also improve the efficiency of molecular marker development and implementation using some of the aforementioned techniques. Aside from the genotyping platforms described above, other systems are on the horizon for tomato. Chip-based technologies similar to the NimbleGen array have been exploited for other species using Genechips (Affymetrix; Gut 2004) and will likely soon be exploited for tomato populations.

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