The Curly top virus (CTV), also known as Beet curly top virus (BCTV), is vectored by leafhoppers and belongs to the genus Curtovirus, and is similar to Begomoviruses. It is a member of the Geminiviri-dae family. Sources of resistance to this disease have been identified in S. peruvianum, S. habrochaites, and S. pimpinellifolium (Martin et al. 1971). After several decades of BCTV resistance research, Martin and Thomas (1986) concluded that the best method to prevent tomatoes from becoming infected with BCTV involved avoidance of the disease. This conclusion arose from repeated failures to introgress resistance into cultivated tomato from wild relatives. Nevertheless, a genetic solution may be possible. Thomas and Mink (1998) reported F5 lines derived from (S. lycopersicum x S. peruvianum) interspecific hybrids that demonstrated an immunity type response after several different experiments. However, no additional studies of the progress of introgression of those "immunity" genetics into tomato have been reported.

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