Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV; genus Cucumovirus; family Bromoviridae)isaphidvectoredandhasawide host range of over 800 plant species (Palukaitis et al. 1992). CMV is considered one of the more important tomato viruses in Europe and the Mediterranean (Sta-mova and Chetelat 2000). There are no reports indicating that the cultivated tomato has any natural resistance to CMV. However, resistance to CMV has been reported in several wild relatives of tomato (Gebre-Selassie et al. 1990; Stamova et al. 1990; Nitzany 1992; Phills et al. 1977; Stamova and Chetelat 2000). Nevertheless, introgression of that resistance into tomato has only been reported once (Stamova and Chetelat 2000). The dominant Cmr resistance gene, derived from S. chilense, was identified between the RFLP markers TG68 and CT79 on the short arm of chromosome 12.

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