Perspectives On Courts Trials And Decision Making

Juror Decision-Making in the Twenty-First Century: Confronting

Science and Technology in Court 303

Bradley D. McAuliff, Robert J. Nemeth, Brian H. Bornstein and Steven D. Penrod

Assessing Evidence: Proving Facts 329

Michael J. Saks and William C. Thompson

Advocacy: Getting the Answers You Want 347

David Carson and Francis Pakes

Expert Evidence: The Rules and the Rationality the Law Applies

(or Should Apply) to Psychological Expertise 367

David L. Faigman

Decision Making by Juries and Judges: International Perspectives 401

Edith Greene and Lawrence Wrightsman

Restorative Justice: The Influence of Psychology from a Jurisprudent Therapy Perspective 423

Eric Y. Drogin, Mark E. Howard and John Williams

Chapter 3.7


Chapter 4.1 Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.3

Chapter 4.4 Chapter 4.5

Chapter 4.6


Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.2 Chapter 5.3

Proactive Judges: Solving Problems and Transforming Communities 449 Leonore M.J. Simon

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