Increase the Use of BCS Methodology at the Local Level

A Crime and Disorder Partnership audit that was based on BCS methodology would provide a richer picture of the actual crime experienced by people in a particular community. Unlike police recorded crime statistics, where all offences carry the same weight, it would be possible to provide an index of seriousness of the offences committed. A profile of the victims would show the level of risk of becoming a victim for specific categories of crime. The level of risk would vary by geographic areas across the partnership and by time of day. For example, the level of risk in a busy conurbation shopping area at two o'clock in the afternoon would be very different from that at two o'clock in the morning, when clubs and pubs are closing. By using the BCS methodology an action plan could be prepared which was truly evidence based. Then performance on the action plan could be monitored by external bodies including the Crime Directors attached to the Government Offices in the Regions of England and Wales. The crime audits are intended to be conducted on a three-year cycle. The intention would be for all the relevant partners to have achieved a genuine reduction in the level of crimes over that period, as measured by the surveys.

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