Behavioural Sciences And Law An Interdisciplinary Project

The model suggested, at the start of this chapter, identified 'psychology and law' as (a) a subdiscipline, (b) a collaboration and/or (c) a project. Currently, there is more interest in developing psychology and law, or behavioural sciences and law, as a subdiscipline than as a collaboration or a project. In large measure this is an unconscious choice by the psychologists involved. They have considered neither the implications nor the choices. They wantto 'do', to be authorities 'in', psychology as itapplies in certainpar-ticular legal contexts, for example mental health or prisons. There is nothing shameful about this. It is perfectly understandable that individual psychologists, and other behavioural scientists, whether practitioners or researchers, wish to specialise. It is inevitable. It is the route to publication, preference and promotion. Specialist knowledge is valued over generalist. But we should not pretend that it is collaborative, interdisciplinary or international in any meaningful sense. And we should admit and recognise that the potential of psychology and law is not being sought, let alone realised.

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