This muscle also acts as a lateral rotator of the thigh Assessment of Leg Strength When the Patient Is on His Feet

• Can he bring the leg forward as he walks?—iliopsoas

• Can he get out of a full knee bend without pulling himself up with his arm?—quadriceps

• Can he get out of a chair without help from his arm?—quadriceps (Parkinsonian rigidity can mimic this.)

• Can he walk on his toes?—gastrocnemius and soleus

• Can he walk on his heels?—anterior tibial

• Does he abduct the leg from the hip and swing it outward and forward to bring the limb ahead instead of the normal thigh flexion (ie, knee drop)?— all thigh flexors

• Does he lift one foot much higher from the floor than the other with each step (ie, a foot drop)?—anterior tibial and other muscles that are secondarily dorsiflexors

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