Dorsiflexion of the Foot and Toes

Foot—Tibialis Anterior Muscle: Deep Peroneal Nerve, L4; Big Toe—Extensor Hallucis Longus: Deep Peroneal Nerve, L5; Other Toes—Extensor Digi-torum Longus, Deep Peroneal Nerve, L5

With the patient supine, ask him to vigorously bend his foot toward his head, as in Figure II 4 (see the section on "Tests" in Chapter 12).

The tendons of these muscles are quite obvious on the dorsum of the foot. The tibialis anterior is a powerful inverter of the foot (when the foot is dor-siflexed) as well as a dorsiflexor. Therefore, when applying force to overcome it, direct the force toward plantar flexion and eversion.

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