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Aphasia is a loss or impairment of language caused by disease of the cerebrum. In this sense, language means "speaking, writing, reading, and listening." The words aphasia and dysphasia are used interchangeably.

The parkinsonian patient with low-amplitude, monotone, arrhythmic speech or the patient with cerebellar disease and staccato speech are not aphasic; they are dysarthric. The patient with bilateral vocal cord paresis is aphonic. Stammering or stuttering is not aphasia. Some psychotic or demented patients repeat whatever is said to them. This is echolalia, and in these patients it is not part of aphasia.

The acute schizophrenic may have a fluent, unintelligible jumble of words and neologisms. This is part of his thought disorder, not aphasia.

Finally, the patient who is mute because of psychosis or other reasons cannot be said to be aphasic. He may be, but you cannot say so.

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