Abstract 109

7.1 Introduction 110

7.1.1 Synaptic Transmission and Neurotransmitter Pathways 110

7.1.2 Neuronal Cell Environment 111

7.2 Psychiatric Diseases 112

7.2.1 Schizophrenia 112 Characteristics of Antipsychotic Drugs 117 Exploiting GPCR Families: A Closer Look at Dopamine Receptors 120

7.2.2 Depression 122

7.2.3 Anxiety 123

7.3 Pain and Analgesia 124

7.3.1 Opioid Receptors 124

7.3.2 Other GPCRs 125

7.4 Neurodegeneration 126

7.4.1 Parkinson's Disease 126

7.4.2 Alzheimer's Disease 127

7.4.3 Chemokine Receptors and Neurodegeneration 127

7.5 Neuroendocrine Function 128

7.6 Orphan GPCRs in the Central Nervous System 128

7.6.1 Challenges in Evaluating Orphan GPCRs in the CNS 129

7.7 Conclusions 129

References 130

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