The importance of GPCRs as mediators of various biological functions has become clearer as more information about the roles of their mechanisms on cellular signal transduction events is gathered. In addition to their coupling to G proteins as a means of establishment of signaling cascades, it is evident that GPCRs (that perhaps should be called 7TM receptors in this context) can interact with other cellular proteins. As described above, the direct interaction with p-arrestin plays an important role in receptor internalization and downregulation.

Additionally, the interactions of ERK/MAPK and JNK with GPCRs mediated by p-arrestin can promote the activation of signaling pathways and increase specificity. Further research should reveal additional mechanisms of GPCRs and their interactions with other cellular proteins. Identification of proteins involved with 7TM receptors still leaves many questions open. Additional studies in metabonomics and the questions related to the time of appearance, protein fluxes, and structural mechanisms of protein interaction must be addressed also.

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