Gross Description

The autopsy was limited to the heart. The heart weighed 275 g and was of the expected shape. The pericardium was smooth and glistening. The epicardium had moderate amount of epicardial fat. The atria were normal in size and free of thrombi. The foramen ovale was closed. The right and left ventricular walls measure 0.3 and 1.2 cm in thickness, respectively. The valve leaflets were delicate and pliable. The chordae tendineae were slender. The endocardium was thin and glistening. The coronaries had normal distribution. The myocardium appeared grossly unremarkable with average consistency, except for an area of hemorrhage surrounding the left anterior descending artery at 3.5 cm from the ostium and extending along the artery for a distance of 0.5 cm. (Figure 9). There were no occlusions. The coronaries and the aorta showed no evidence of atherosclerosis.

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