The Combined Enhancement Measure

It is possible to combine the three novel measures into a single quantitative value. Using this combined measure, a researcher is able to quantitatively rank enhancements for a particular image. To combine DSM, TBCs, and TBCe for a particular enhancement, each enhancement value is represented within a 3-D Euclidean space by min-max scaling each within the range [0,1]. A high performance contrast enhancement method will have points close to coordinates (1,1, 1). The combined measure D is computed by calculating the Euclidean distance between the point in the 3-D coordinate space representing the enhancement and (1, 1, 1). This point in the enhancement measurement space represents the location of an enhancement method that results in the maximal increase in contrast between a target and its background. The combined measure D is computed as

The enhancement method giving the smallest value of D is selected as the best enhancement method for this image.

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