1. What is the essence of the chapter?

2. What are the two main areas used in this chapter when it comes to X-ray breast imaging?

3. What are the different measures used for X-ray breast "contrast enhancement"? Discuss each of them.

4. Show how the knowledge-based system works for the contrast enhancement.

5. What is the role of image segmentation here and how it is done?

6. What is double network mapping (DNM)?

7. What is breast profile mapping (BPM)? Discuss in detail.

8. Discuss the weighted GMM/MRF model of segmentation of breast masses in X-ray images. State mathematically and then discuss the pseudo algorithm.

9. Compare the four models (WGMMS, WGMMV, WGMMSMrf, WGMMMrf) . 10. List some key observations in adaptive knowledge-based model.

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