1. What are the physical characteristics of helical CT scans that may impact CAD algorithm design and performance?

2. What are the clinical characteristics of pancreatic cancer that may impact CAD algorithm design?

3. What is the general approach for image segmentation of medical images?

4. Advantages and disadvantages of unsupervised, supervised, and semi-supervised clustering methodologies for image segmentation.

5. What is FCM and when is it used for image segmentation? List any advantages over classical segmentation techniques.

6. What are the differences between FCM and ssFCM? List advantages and disadvantages of the two techniques.

7. List methods that can be used for the optimization of FCM for image segmentation.

8. What are the metrics used for the validation of a segmentation output?

9. What are the major limitations and problems associated with the validation of segmentation algorithms in medical imaging applications?

10. What are the statistical tools used for the analysis of the segmentation results including tools to determine the agreement between different algorithms and observers or within groups.

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