1. Role of CADetection and CADiagnosis techniques in breast cancer and mammography. What is the relationship of the two systems?

2. What are the basic elements and characteristics of a CADiagnosis scheme?

3. What is the "visual analysis" system ofmammographic calcifications and how can it be translated to a computer methodology that helps mammogram interpretation?

4. What property exists between wavelet expansion images that does not exist in an arbitrary filter bank output?

5. What can you say about a time series signal that is nothing but a spike a t = to with respect to its Fourier properties?

6. An image with long-range positive correlation will have large Fourier components in what part of the frequency domain?

7. Explain what a band pass filter is and what it may be used for.

8. What is white noise and give an example from common observation?

9. Given a low-frequency signal of interest buried in white noise, what kind of filter would work for lessening the influence of the noise?

10. What are the criteria for database design as needed for the evaluation of CADiagnosis algorithms?

11. What are the validation steps of a CADiagnosis scheme?

12. What is the different between computer ROC and observer ROC? How can we correlate the ROC indices of performance to clinically used indices of sensitivity and specificity?

13. Could segmentation be validated through classification and how?

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