Large Noise Protocols

In one of the protocols, we compare MRF vs. FCM (with smoother) using PDM (see Fig. 9.38, left) and SDM (see Fig. 9.38, right). Using PDM, as the variance of the noise (a2) increases from 100 to 1000, the mean error in FCM increases very gradually. This clearly demonstrates its robustness at large noise variances. The

Figure 9.38: MRF vs. FCM for large noise protocol. Left: MRF using PDM method. Right: FCM using PDM method. Note that the range of the mean errors is less than 0.36 pixels using MRF and less than 0.05 pixels using FCM with smoother.

mean error for MRF increases more rapidly compared to that of FCM. The mean error for the FCM (with smoother) remains close to 1.6 pixels, while the mean error for MRF ranges between 1.7 (a2 = 100) and 2.1 pixels (a2 = 1000). The same pattern is observed for the MRF vs. FCM using SDM (see Fig. 9.38, right).

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