Ensemble Based Combination Rules

Kittler [33] proposed a set of very popular rules for combining probability outputs from a number of experts. These rules are stated as follows:

Product i D rt\ r- I q ct \ nR=1 p(y = mi | Xn,Or) (Prod) p(y = mi | Xn,01 ...Or) = =1R-

(Sum) p(y = mi | xn,Oi ...Or) = r p(y = «1 I xn, Or)

(Max) p(y = mi | Xn,Oi ...Or) = max R=1 (y = mi | Xn, Or) Min

(Min) p(y = mi | xn,Oi ...Or) = min R= 1 (y = mi | xn, Or)

Majority Voting

where Alr

The above combination rules have been used in several studies and form the basis of our baseline comparison.

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