Challenges in Identification of the Fibrous

Fibrous cap thickness is in the order of a few tenths of a mm while the maximum resolution by MRI by the current protocol used is 250 ^m x 250 ^m (interpolated by zero filling) while the native MR resolution is around 500 ^m. In spite of this resolution, 3D TOF seems to be able to detect the cap status [7, 97, 98]. When using multicontrast MR images for segmentation, registration accuracy becomes very important. Since the characteristics for FC detection by MRI occupy a few pixels around the bifurcation registration for multicontrast segmentation is difficult since different weightings will overestimate or underestimate the lumen size by some pixels. The algorithm outlined below takes into account the above factors.

Figure 8.24: Ruptured cap—absence of dark rim on 3D TOF and focal contour abnormality on T1 due to a ruptured cap (arrows). The site of rupture on histology (color) is indicated by an arrow.

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