The author thanks Dr. Ron Kikinis and Dr. Shin Nakajima at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital for providing MR data of a brain, Dr. Hironobu Ohmatsu of the National Cancer Center, Japan, for providing CT data of a chest, Dr. Nobuyuki Shiraga at Keio University for providing abdominal CT data, Dr. Shigeyuki Yoshida at Osaka University for providing a CT data of a chest, and Dr. Katsuyuki Nakanishi, Dr. Hisashi Tanaka, Dr. Nobuhiko Sugano, and Dr. Takashi Nishii at Osaka University for providing hip joint MR data and phantom MR data. The author also thanks all the above researchers and Prof.

Shinicni Tamura at Osaka University for fruitful discussion.

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