This work has been partially supported by funds from the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) (Grant No. 003644-0280-1999), Technology Development and Transfer Program (TDT) (Grant No. 003644-0217-2001) of the state of Texas, Kestrel Corporation, the NEI Grant No. 1R43 EY14090-01 and the NSF Grant EIA-9980296. We acknowledge Young I. Kim, M.D., and Mary Lucy M. Pereira, M.D., of Young H. Kwon's (M.D., Ph.D.) team from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for their contributions to manual segmentation of the stereo optic disk images. The authors are grateful to Daron Ferris, M.D., from the Medical College of Georgia for providing us with the cervigram images from the Guanacaste Project, Costa Rica, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute of USA.

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