Review of Knowledge Based Components in Medical Imaging CAD Schemes

Table 11.1 summarizes medical imaging CAD studies that have used a knowledge-based component. The studies are categorized according to their approach to representing the knowledge within the component. Each of the approaches is described in more detail below.

Table 11.1: Summary of studies utilizing knowledge-based components, grouped according to their approach


Study Modality part ann usr cbr

Zheng et al. [9] Matsubara etal. [10] Lai and Fang [11, 12] Pitiotetal. [13] Shaand Sutton [14] Fenster and Kender [15] Perner [16]

part = image grouping; ann = multistage neural networks; usr = user interaction; cbr = case-based reasoning.

Mammography (x-ray)

Mammography (x-ray)


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