Shot Cartridges

In addition to the regular Long Rifle cartridges with which most people are familiar, .22 Long Rifle Shot cartridges are also available. As loaded by Federal, the cartridges have a crimped metallic mouth and contain approximately 25 gr. of #12 shot. Winchester manufactured a similar shot cartridge loaded with 37 gr. of #12 shot. The cartridge loaded by CCI contains 31 gr. (165 pellets) of #12 pellets in a blue plastic capsule. Muzzle velocity for this particular round is said to be 950 ft/sec. CCI also manufactures a .22 Magnum Shot cartridge which contains 52 gr. of #11 shot enclosed in a blue plastic capsule.

Deaths due to .22 shot cartridges are rare. Both suicides and homicides have been reported.23 The Federal .22 Long Rifle shot cartridge will perforate the temporal bone out to five inches of range (Figure 6.4A).2 In areas of the skull where the bone is thicker or at a range of greater than 5 in., close range wounds with this cartridge produce depressed skull fractures (Figure 6.4B). Di Maio and Spitz observed an unusual amount of powder blackening with the Remington "birdshot" cartridges, with soot out to 18 in. of range.2

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