Miscellaneous Weapons and Ammunition

Air Weapons Zip Guns Stud Guns

Captive Bolt Devices (Pistols) Bang Sticks

Sympathetic Discharge of Rimfire Firearms

Bullets without Rifling Marks

Elongated Bullets

Cast Bullets

Sabot Ammunition

Tandem Bullets

New Forms of Handgun Ammunition Hollow-Point Design Miscellaneous Bullet Design Ammunition Intended for Use In Indoor Ranges NYCLAD® Revolver Cartridges Frangible Bullets

"Armor-Piercing" Handgun Ammunition: KTW

and Its Legacy Handgun Shot Cartridges

Plastic Training Ammunition


Rubber and Plastic Bullets Blank Cartridge Injuries Electrical Guns

Interchangeability of Ammunition in Weapons

Markings and Foreign Material on Bullets

Effect of Environmental Temperature on Bullet Velocity


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