Shampoos General Comments

Cleansing is clearly a dominant element of personal hygiene and, when reinforced by the aspect of attractive appearance, translates into a powerful and highly marketable stimulus. Shampooing has become, thus, a factor sine qua non in maintaining the aesthetics of hair.

The cleansing task is formidable. A mass of 100,000 to 150,000 flexible fibers has to be cleansed of oily deposits of sebum, sweat, entrapped desquamated scalp cells, along with the residues of mousses, gels, and hair sprays. All this has to be done within the span of a few minutes, leaving the individual hairs clean and free of tangles to which the ratched structure of hair cuticles makes it particularly vulnerable. It should also be kept in mind that although cleansing action is the fundamental assignment of a shampoo formulation, it is by no means the only goal. The promise of hair shine, softness, body, and manageability is inherently tied to product performance. Furthermore, one must not ignore the process of shampooing itself. It is expected to provide a pleasurable experience in working up a rich and lubricous lather that seems almost to caress the hair and leave it, after rinsing, with a touch of refreshing fragrance.

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