Polyethoxylated sorbitan

The field of application of sorbitan esters and their ethoxylated derivatives is identical to the one of glycol and glycerol esters (see previous section). The sorbitol esters with a higher degree of ethoxylation (e.g., sorbitol septaoleate 40 EO) are also used as spreading aids in emollient bath oils.

Alkyl Carbohydrates Esters

Surfactants of this class are better known as ''sugar esters'' or ''sucrose esters.'' The sucrose esters are obtained by transesterification of sucrose with fatty acid methyl esters or triglycerides. Surfactants of this class are good emulsifiers. Of great interest about such surfactants is their natural origin and good biodegradability. It is worth noting that some glucosides surfactants, e.g., the so-called saponins, are already present in nature and directly available from vegetal sources.

Agaruse Structure

Sucrose esters are food-grade ingredients and have similar uses as the previously described glycol, glycerol, and sorbitan esters in the food and cosmetic industries. They are very mild surfactants and can be used as emulsifiers or as cleansing agents with emollient properties.

Amine Oxides

Amine oxides are produced by the oxidation of tertiary amines using a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution as the oxidizing agent. Amine oxides remain mainly nonionic in neutral and alkaline conditions (pH >7) but can become weakly cationic under acidic conditions. In current amine oxides, the initial reactives are alkyl dimethyl amines with chain lengths ranging from C12 to C18. Amine oxides are compatible with all other surfactants. Amine oxides are also known to increase the skin compatibility of detergent products. A small amount of amine oxide increases the cloud point of nonionics.

Incorporated in shampoos, amine oxides contribute to impart viscosity, reduce eye and skin irritancy, and enhance foam properties (more creamy). They are especially suitable in slightly acidic or neutral formulas.

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