Effect On Human Skin

A skin cream containing EA was applied for 6 weeks to the brachium before each irradiation by UV light [9]. The sites were irradiated three times at 1 MED. Skin pigmentation was partially suppressed after only 1 week's application, and completely suppressed after 3 and 6 weeks' application (Fig. 6). Eighty-six percent of the efficacy of EA evaluated by a double-blind controlled test was rated ''moderately preferable'' or better (Fig. 7). Similar efficacy rates were calculated by the image analysis method. Side effects such as depigmentation were not observed throughout the application period.

Thus, EA can prevent the buildup of skin pigmentation after sunburn. It can also be expected to improve the appearance of pigmented skin such as melasma or freckles,

Figure 6 Effect of ellagic acid on UV-light induced skin pigmentation in human.

for such skin pigmentation is believed to follow similar mechanisms to that of sunburn, at least from the viewpoint of epidermic disorders, even if the mechanism of melasma and so on are not precisely clear. Many impressions that skin pigmentation appears to be lightened have been gathered from users of products containing EA. In practice, the characteristics of melasma, postinflammatory pigmentation, and other conditions appear to be improved by this application. EA is a promising skin-whitening active ingredient.

Oft 10% 20% 3054 4» EOS 60ii 70?, SOSi 90S 100»; Figure 7 Efficacy for whitening effect on sunburn subjects.
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