Drying and Finishing

Neat soap produced by one of the processes previously outlined contains over 30% moisture. The soap needs to be dried, typically by vacuum drying to a final moisture level of 8 to 16% for the final finishing steps. Once the neat soap is dried to soap pellets (soap chips), it is transferred into mixers (amalgamators) and the minor additives such as fragrance, color, preservative, antibacterial agents, and other formula additives are added. These additives are mixed with the soap pellets, refined, and extruded into long continuous billet. The billet is cut and pressed into the desired shape and packaged (Fig. 2). Some

Charting Contact Dermatitis
Figure 2 Flow chart of the soap manufacturing steps.

soaps are cast instead of cut into shapes. In this case the soap is poured into a mold of desired shape [1,2,18].

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