Differences Between Classical Cosmetic Forms And Patches

It is known that from the moment classical cosmetics (creams, lotions, etc.) are applied to the skin, they start changing continuously. The air, atmosphere's pollution, humid or dry environment, dust, and anything that can be transferred with it as well as any other factors alter the composition and the form of the product, which results in significant changes to the product's action. Patches, on the other hand, are systems of occlusion even if there is sometimes the need, and we have the possibility, to manufacture breathable or porous patches. Because of this, permeation is getting easier, interactions with the environment are being considerably reduced, and we can expect a more ''accurate'' and ''controlled'' overall result.

Using the term ''permeation,'' we mean the possibility that is given to several substances to reach the site of action, without of course confusing this term with the capability of a pharmaceutical patch to introduce the therapeutic substances into the systemic circulation at therapeutic levels. In many cases, this permeation makes the difference between an effective and noneffective form of administration of a cosmetic ''active.''

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