Desirable Actions

The intended desirable effects of cosmetics on hair are very wide and variable. Cleansing, dyeing, perming, bleaching, straightening, dressing, setting, and removing are some of the innumerable aims and claims of hair cosmetics. Some desirable actions are not achievable without inducing some kind of damage to the hair fiber itself, e.g., in permanent or oxida-tive hair dyeing a degree of damage to the hair cuticle is necessary to introduce the dyes that are targeting the hair cortex. The same is true for bleaching and perming. When the hair cuticle is weakened it cannot be fully restored (Fig. 1), but some cosmetic agents may decrease the abnormal fragility and the rough feel of damaged hair. No better results can be achieved than by cutting away the damaged fibers and letting new hair growth proceed without new harsh procedures (Fig. 2).

Figure 1 The condition of the cuticle on three hair segments taken at the merger of the scalp (left), 1 cm away from it (middle), and 3 cm away (right). Damage of the cuticular scale edges clearly occurs within 3-4 months of exposure to the environment.
Figure 2 Trichoptilosis or split ends. These damaged hair tips frequently occur on long hairs. Lack of cuticle, which normally envelopes the hair fibers, exposes the cortex, a much weaker part of the hair shaft.
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11 Habits To Make or Break For Soft Flawless Skin

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