Commercial Conditioners

The commercial hair conditioners produced to deal with the aforementioned problems have appeared in almost every conceivable form, including thick vaseline pomades; thick, clear, water-soluble gels; spray mists of volatile substances; mousses; lotions; and creams. Conditioners have been marketed as leave-in or rinse-off products. They have also been positioned as pre-shampoo or post-shampoo formulations.

Despite the wide variety of forms available, most commercial conditioners are oil-in-water emulsions in lotion form, having viscosities somewhere between 3000 and 12,000 centipoise. The great majority of these products are of the rinse-off type. In addition, despite different forms and positionings, most commercial conditioners contain the same general classes of conditioning agents with differences mainly in concentrations, numbers of different agents, and the particular members of a conditioning class employed.

The major classes of conditioning agents used in commercial products are surveyed in the following sections.

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