Clinical Visual And Tactile Symptoms Of Cellulite

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Upon clinical examination of cellulite, the following symptoms of lipodystrophy can be noticed [1-11].

• Presence of orange-peel skin upon normal visual examination and after pinching of the skin.

• Deep palpation of the skin reveals differences in the mobility of fat tissue: presence of micro- and macronodules and fibrosclerosis.

• Irregularities in skin-surface temperature: touching the skin reveals the presence of cold spots.

• Sometimes presence of painful subcutaneous nodules through deep palpation.

There are different stages in the evolution of cellulite with age. It is difficult to detect cellulite by visual examination and palpation at the first stages: orange-peel skin is not permanently present, and is only visible after pinching the skin.

The clinical symptoms are clearly more visible at later stages of cellulite: permanent orange peel, colder skin areas, diminution in mobility of fat tissue upon palpation and increased skin sensibility.

As a consequence of this, there is a need for sensitive noninvasive bioengineering methods for the detection and evaluation of the degree of cellulite at early stages, and for the objective evaluation of the efficacy of various cosmetic treatments [12,13].

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