Recommended Readings

Gawande, A. 2001. Under suspicion: The fugitive science of criminal justice. The New Yorker, 8 January 2001, p. 50. Gawande briefly reviews attempts to test experimentally some basic assumptions of forensics, focusing on the veracity of eyewitness accounts of crimes.

Hoffrage, U., S. Lindsey, R. Hertwig, and G. Gigerenzer. 2000. Communicating statistical information. Science 290:2261-2262. This article discusses why many people have difficulty in interpreting information about probabilities, using the occult-stool test for colorectal cancer and other medical examples as illustrations.

Malakoff, D. 1999. Bayes offers a 'new' way to make sense of numbers. Science 286:1460-1464. The calculations in the last section of this chapter are based on Bayesian statistics, and Malakoff provides an introduction to this topic.

Taslitz, A. E. 1990. Does the cold nose know? The unscientific myth of the dog scent lineup. Hastings Law Journal 42:15-134. Taslitz reviews the use of dogs in legal proceedings.

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