1. Introduction 3

2. Do Vitamin C and Other Antioxidants Benefit Health? Using Observational and Experimental Studies to Test Medical Hypotheses 14

3. Can Police Dogs Identify Criminal Suspects by Smell? Using Experiments to Test Hypotheses about Animal Behavior 36

4. Why Are Frogs in Trouble? Complementary Observations and Experiments to Test Hypotheses in Ecology 53

5. How Do Animals Find Stored Food? Strong Inference by Testing Alternative Hypotheses 73

6. What Causes Cancer? The Complexities of Causation 92

7. Why Do We Age? Different Levels of Causation as Complementary Explanat ions 112

8. How Does Coffee Affect Health? Combining Results of Multiple Studies 137

9. How Will Climate Change Affect the Spread of Human Diseases? Models and the Perils of Prediction 159

10. Conclusion: How Science Works and Its Role in Society 181

Appendix 1. Using Data for Twins to Estimate Genetic and Environmental Contributions to the Risk of Cancer 191 Appendix 2. Precision and the Power of Statistical Tests 193

Notes 197

References 207

Index 219

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