Ulcers, cutaneous and subcutaneous, 311

Ultrasonography, 29-30 clinical applications of, 34 endoscopic, 29, 43-44, 49-55 in celiac plexus neurolysis, 53 of cystic pancreatic cancer, 53 of early-stage esophageal cancer, 236

of esophageal cancer, 49-51 of gastric cancer, 51, 221 of gastropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, 54 of indeterminate mediastinal masses, 54-55 of pancreatic adenocarcinoma,

187,193-194,195 of pancreatic cancer, 51-53 of pararectal masses, 54-55 of rectal tumors, 54 of upper abdominal masses, 54-55 of gastrointestinal stromal tumors,

275, 276 intraoperative in hepatobiliary surgery, 199

of liver cancer, 216 laparoscopic, 61 of liver cancer, 199 use in liver cancer radiofrequency ablation, 210, 212-213 for lesion detection, 34 limitations of, 30 of liver cancer, 198-199, 216 preoperative endorectal, 142-143, 142/

United Kingdom Coordinating

Committee for Cancer Research, 253, 255/

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