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Sacral plexus, pelvic tumor metastases to, 302-303 Salpingo-oophorectomy, prophylactic,

108-109 Sarcomas intra-arterial, 288 staging of, 281 Sarcomatosis, intra-arterial, 289 Satiety, early, gastric cancer-related, 221

Schwannomas, differentiated from gastrointestinal stromal tumors, 279-280

Self-expandable metal stents (SEMS), 55-56

Seminomas, Kit receptor tyrosine kinase expression in, 285 SEMS (self-expandable metal stents),

55-56 Senna, 331-332, 342 Senokot-S, 332

Sigmoid colon, carcinoma of, 40/ Sigmoidoscopy for colon cancer screening, 114 flexible, for colorectal cancer screening, 88, 91, 94,101 Sister Mary Joseph's node, 2 Sitz baths, as intergleal and perianal desquamation treatment, 160, 265

Skin care, for intergluteal and perianal desquamation, 160, 265 Skin protectant, 160, 265 SMAD4/SMAD5 gene, colorectal cancer-related loss of, 15,19 Small bowel bypass, laparoscopic, 59 Small bowel cancer hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer-associated, 105 palliative therapy for, 308 Peutz-Jeghers syndrome-associated, 75

Small cell carcinoma anal, 250

histopathologic classification of, 15, 16f Smoking as Barrett's esophagus risk factor, 351

as colorectal cancer risk factor, 73, 81

as gastric cancer risk factor, 220 Sodium diatrizoate, 319 Sphincter muscles, anatomy of, 247/, 248

Squamous cell carcinoma anal, 250 esophageal, 233

histopathologic classification of, 15, 16f

Staging, of gastrointestinal cancer, 1-13. See also under specific types of gastrointestinal cancers imaging studies in, 36, 37-40/

key practice points in, 12 laparoscopic, 59, 60-62, 65 Staplers, vascular, use in liver resection, 200-202, 2011

Stents biliary, 47 as adenocarcinoma-related jaundice treatment, 188 colonic, 55-56 colorectal, 55-56 esophageal, 55-56, 56 as metastatic esophagus cancer treatment, 242, 243 metal, use in pancreatic cancer, 47-48

as pancreatobiliary disease treatment, 47-48 self-expandable metal (SEMS), 55-56 as upper rectal obstruction treatment, 59-60 Stool softeners, 320-321, 326, 331, 342

Styrene maleic acid neocarzinostatin, 217

SU11248, in combination with imatinib, 293 Sulfadiazine, as intergluteal and perianal desquamation treatment, 160, 265 Sulindac as Barrett's esophagus treatment, 365

as colonic adenoma prophylaxis, 96

Superior mesenteric vein, involvement in pancreatic adenocarcinoma, 193,194/

Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End

Results program, 138 Swedish Rectal Cancer Trial, 154

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