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Chapter Overview 314

Introduction 314

Steps to Effective Bowel Management 316

Assessment and Diagnosis of Bowel Dysfunction 316

Normalization of the Bowel 317

Establishment of Expectations for Bowel-Movement

Frequency 317

Development of a Bowel Management Program 318

Assessment of Outcomes 318

Adjustment of Bowel Management Program to Achieve the Desired Outcome 318

Requirements for Adequate Bowel Function 318

Components of an Effective Bowel Management Program 319

Fluid 320

Fiber 321

Food 322

Medications to Offset Bowel Side Effects of Other Drugs . . . . 324

Constipation 326

Never Underestimate How Much Stool the Intestines

Can Hold 326

Treatment of Low and High Impactions 327

Effectiveness of Milk-and-Molasses Enemas plus

Lactulose 330

Bowel Training for Constipation 331

Bowel Management Program for Constipation 332

Prevention of Opioid-Induced Constipation 332

Gas 333

Diarrhea 334

Specific Noncancer Causes of Diarrhea 335

Bowel Management Program for Treatment of Frequent

Stooling after Colorectal Surgery 335

Strengthening the Anal Sphincter Muscles 336

Slowing and Forming the Stool 336

Bowel Training for Frequent Stooling 338

Bowel Management Program for Copious Output after

Ileostomy 340

Treatment of Diarrhea after Other GI Surgeries 341

Treatment of Diarrhea Caused by Radiation Therapy 341

Treatment of Diarrhea Caused by Chemotherapy 342

Treatment of Secretory Diarrhea from Neuroendocrine

Tumors 343

Laxatives 343

Prokinetic Drugs 345

Positively Affecting the Patient's Attitude 346

Key Practice Points 345

Suggested Readings 346

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Constipation Prescription

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