Treatment Of Chemotherapyinduced Febrile Neutropenia

The treatment of patients with chemotherapy-induced FN is multifactorial and includes not only antibiotic and CSF therapy but also supportive measures. Observational vigilance is an important aspect in the care of patients with chemotherapy-induced neutropenia; there is no substitute for frequent observation and examination, particularly of the oropharynx, chest, and abdominal and perirectal areas. Frequent blood cell counts, blood cultures, and culture and examination of exudates and other bodily fluids in patients with fever remain the mainstay of good medical care. In addition to good skin care and oral hygiene, every effort should be made to maintain good functional status through nutritional support and exercise. Patients with cancer should be encouraged to decrease or eliminate smoking and maintain their immunization status, including influenza immunizations. Education of the patient and family, as observers of health status, is also important, particularly to recognize the occurrence of inflammation and fever and to understand the significance of changes in blood counts.

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