SCFcKit In Hematopoiesis

Hallmarks of SCF/c-kit at the cellular level in hematopoiesis are early effects in lineage maturation (e.g., self-renewal, survival, proliferation) and (often very pronounced) synergies with the many other stimulatory and lineage-associated cytokines that also act during hematopoiesis. With respect to c-kit expression, the sequence during hematopoietic maturation appears to be as follows: very primitive c-kit- stem cells ^ less primitive c-kitlow progenitors ^ lineage committed (but still largely lin-) c-kithlgh progenitors ^ lineage differentiated cells that lack c-kit expression (exceptions being mast cells, which express c-kit throughout their life span, dendritic cells, intraep-ithelial lymphocytes [IELs], and some natural killer [NK] cells; see relevant subheadings below). Responsiveness to SCF reflects the patterns of c-kit expression. Evidence supporting these general concepts will be discussed for the mouse and human species.

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