Patients with HIV infection and a malignancy can be safely treated with an HGF. Administration of rHuG-CSF does not increase HIV replication in vitro or in vivo, but administration of rHuGM-CSF has variable effects on HIV replication in vitro and in vivo. HIV replication increased in some, but not all, studies involving rHuGM-CSF; however, administration of rHuGM-CSF in conjunction with an antiretroviral agent does not appear to increase HIV replication. HGF use may allow for administration of higher chemotherapy doses or more myelosuppressive therapy. Studies are needed to determine the ideal dosage of HGF and how they should be combined with chemotherapy. Until those findings are available, dosages of rHuG-CSF or rHuGM-CSF should be based on the myelosuppressive profile of the chemotherapy regimen administered.

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