Personal Therapy

Hogarty's 'personal therapy' (Hogarty et al., 1997a, 1997b) deserves a mention, as it is an effort to combine various approaches to devise an individually tailored integrated treatment for patients with schizophrenia. Personal therapy is a multimodal approach, which includes pharmacotherapy, family work, individual work and any other required support. This can be delivered over months to years and is paced according to the patient's needs. Relapse rates decreased with personal therapy but only in patients who lived with their family whereas those living without family experienced increased relapse rates. Social adjustment continued to improve with personal therapy in the second year and third year as compared to supportive therapy where improvement reached a plateau after the first year.

Personal therapy requires long-term commitment and that may be one of the reasons for the absence of replication studies.

Exploring EFT

Exploring EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It works to free the user of both physical and emotional pain and relieve chronic conditions by healing the physical responses our bodies make after we've been hurt or experienced pain. While some people do not carry the effects of these experiences, others have bodies that hold onto these memories, which affect the way the body works. Because it is a free and fast technique, even if you are not one hundred percent committed to whether it works or not, it is still worth giving it a shot and seeing if there is any improvement.

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