Marital Adjustment

According to the Maudsley Marital Satisfaction Questionnaire (MMQ) (Arrindell, Emmelkamp & Bast, 1983). Mick was clearly more negative about their relationship than Dianne as is evident from the fact that Mick had a score of 42 while Dianne had a score of 20 on marital dissatisfaction. The Level of Expressed Emotion (LEE) (Cole & Kazarian, 1988) showed that Mick experienced little emotional support from his wife. Dianne was more positive, finding Mick supportive in some areas. To establish if there was any form of violence or fear of violence, verbal or physical abuse, we used the Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS) (Straus, 1979) and interviewed both partners. In the past year Dianne had hit her


Low marital -4-

satisfaction husband

Figure 4.2 Macro analyses of Dianne's complaints.

husband twice while being drunk; in one of these instances Mick had hit her back. Both partners agreed this had been an isolated incident and were convinced there would be no future violence.

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