Level BBasic Training as IPT Therapist

• Trainees should have read the IPT manual and have attended a recognized training course of 2-4 days.

• Supervision is offered at the discretion of the supervisor.

• Supervisees should have previous clinical training with a good knowledge of mood disorders.

• The first case using IPT should be in the treatment of major depression and the second case should be depression, dysthymia, adolescent depression or bulimia/binge eating disorder.

• Each trainee should be supervised for a minimum of two cases on the model. Supervision should be provided by a recognized supervisor, i.e. through ISIPT or UKIPTSIG.

• All sessions should be recorded (video/audio) and a minimum of three tapes from each case selected at random by the supervisor for formal review e.g. using the IPT Competency Scale. A minimum of 12 out of 16 sessions per case will be supervised. Supervision can be individual or in group format, but each trainee should receive at least four hours of supervision for each case. In group supervision, trainees will have the opportunity to discuss their own cases for four hours. The two cases should preferably be in two different focal areas.

• A satisfactory supervisor's report should be provided when the above criteria are met, e.g. 'x has attended an introductory course in IPT and has achieved a satisfactory standard in two supervised cases.'

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