Major meta-analyses of trials of individual child psychotherapy (Weisz, 1998), cognitive-behaviour therapy for children (Durlak, Fuhrman & Lampman, 1991) and family therapy (Shadish et al., 1993) have all yielded effect sizes of about 0.7 indicating that the average treated case fares better than approximately 76 % of untreated cases after therapy. The results of these meta-analyses are important because they justify the use of psychological interventions for treating children's psychological problems. Broad-band meta-analyses have yielded an unequivocally positive answer to the big question - 'does child psychotherapy work?' In contrast, tightly focused narrative reviews and small meta-analyses that examine the effectiveness of specific interventions with specific problems have addressed the narrower question - 'what works for whom with children and adolescents?' (Carr, 2000a). The present chapter addresses this question with particular reference to a number of the more common conduct and emotional problems that occur during childhood and adolescence.

Space limitations restrict the range of problem areas addressed in this chapter. Among the more important psychological problems of children and adolescents not addressed in this review are developmental language delay (Whitehurst & Fischel, 1994); autism spectrum disorders (Howlin, 1998); intellectual disability (King & State, 1997; State & King, 1997); specific learning disabilities (Maughan, 1995), somatic conditions (Drotar, 1999; Lemanek & Koontz, 1999) and psychotic conditions (Clark & Lewis, 1998). Readers are referred to cited sources for reviews of psychological interventions with these conditions and elsewhere for guidelines on practice (Carr, 1999, 2000a, 2000b).

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